Key to Aromatherapy


Many people who use Essential Oils do not seem to be aware of the “secret” of how to determine which Oil(s) to use. Often an Oil is chosen theoretically only, which is quite inappropriate.

These are always the two Key questions: Which are the correct Essential Oil(s) to use for the Massage, Bath, Inhalation or Perfume treatment? And, if more than one Oil is used, in what proportions should the Oils be formulated?

The answer is: After choosing good candidates which seem theoretically correct because the known healing properties of these Oils match the person’s needs; and after screening out the Oils that might be unsafe for that person (please see our page on Safety Precautions);

Allow the person
who will be receiving
the treatment to smell
each Oil individually,
to see how
they respond.

Important: During fragrance testing, do NOT tell your client the names of any of the Oils being tested, or provide any info about them. That would involve activity in the rational, thinking brain, which can be very unreliable. The fragrance experience alone involves only our intuitive “limbic brain” – which is very reliable to tell us which Oils are best and most helpful in treatment.

Offer each Oil candidate carefully, one by one, allowing enough time for your client to fully experience each fragrance, with a short break between fragrances.

This is the Key: Our sense of smell, when we use it, is always a reliable guide to what our body needs, and what to stay away from.

When we are attracted to the fragrance of an Essential Oil or aromatic plant, our body is clearly indicating that this botanical will be helpful in a treatment. The more we are drawn to the fragrance, the more beneficial it will be to receive a complete Aromatherapy treatment with that Oil.

Conversely, when we have a negative response to the fragrance we should avoid it, even when it seems theoretically correct.

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