Using Essential Oils


Essential Oils can be very
effective in Massage, Bath
and Inhalation
and they can also be helpful
when a drop or two is worn
as a personal Perfume

A total of 8-10 drops of Essential Oil(s) per treatment is normally used. For general purposes, Massage is the most effective way of using the Oils; a Bath treatment can also be very effective, and is even more so when followed by a Massage. It is best not to bathe or shower for several hours after an Aromatherapy Massage, to allow for full absorption of the Essential Oils. Inhalations are good supplementary therapy, or can alone be a complete treatment; they are particularly effective for respiratory conditions or for mental/emotional rebalancing. A Perfume application can help to reinforce any of these treatments, and although subtle, can be quite influential on the state of mind.

After choosing the Oil(s) which seem theoretically correct – before mixing the essential Oils into a carrier for Massage, adding them to a Bath or an Inhalation device, or applying them as a Perfume – the key is to allow the person who will receive the treatment to first smell each Oil from the bottle (or on a tissue) and thereby begin to experience the Oil(s) which were selected.

carefully note the response

If the person has a positive reaction to the Essential Oil, it should prove to be equally effective in treatment. A negative response indicates that the Oil should not be used, and an alternative should be sought and tested. In this way, the body’s response should always be used as a guide to confirm or refuse the choice of Essential Oil(s) to be used.

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Aromatic Baths are a wonderful experience for the mind and body and this is one of the most effective ways of using Essential Oils in treatment. A scented Bath can be soothing or uplifting, warming or cooling to the system or have an effect like an aphrodisiac. The heat of the water aids absorption of the Essential Oils through the skin, and some of the Oils will be released as an aromatic vapor for Inhalation.

Baths can give relief from muscular pain and skin conditions, and act as a treatment for many other physical and emotional imbalances including insomnia, nervous tension, circulatory problems, coughs and colds, headache and even fluid retention. In today’s world, this form of therapy is also valuable as a means to reduce stress and counteract stress-related illness.


To do an Aromatherapy Bath treatment, first fill the tub with comfortably hot water.

After consulting the chart for possible contraindications

add 6 to 8 drops of the Oil or Blend chosen
just before getting into the bath.

and relax…

Fifteen to 20 minutes is enough time to allow the Oils to take effect. A Bath or shower should preferably not be taken right after a Massage treatment since the benefit of the Massage may be greatly reduced as some of the Oils are washed away.

If your skin tends to be dry or sensitive, mix the Oil or Blend into a vegetable oil such as Avocado, Sesame or Almond. Add 6 drops of the Oils to the carrier, mix well, and add just before getting into the Bath. Stir to disperse. Those people with very sensitive skin should use the Oils at half the normal amount (3 to 4 drops) in the vegetable oil carrier as described above. The number of drops can be increased gradually in successive Baths if there is no adverse reaction. Use the carrier also for Baths with babies or young children, using only 2 to 3 drops of the Oils.

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Aromatic Massage is actually the most effective way of using Essential Oils. Each of our Oils or 12 Blends may be made into an excellent and highly effective Massage oil by simply adding them to a high-quality vegetable oil carrier. Recommended carriers for general-purpose Massage are Sweet Almond, Apricot Kernel and Grapeseed oils.

For a standard full-body Massage, add 10 drops of the Oil or Blend chosen to 1/2 oz (15 ml) of carrier and mix well. This gives a 3% concentration of Essential Oils. A higher concentration (6-9%) may give better results when concentrating the Massage on one or two areas of the body in treating more severe physical problems such as painful muscle and joint conditions. For a 6% concentration, use 7 drops of Oil in 5 ml of carrier for treating specific areas. For 9% go to 10 drops of Oil in 5 ml of carrier.

Be extra careful about any possible Contraindications when using the Oils in Massage treatment, especially in the higher concentrations. You may also want to add 2 to 4 drops of natural vitamin E oil to any of the formulas above. This is beneficial in treating skin conditions and in general for helping to promote beautiful and healthy skin.

If there are no Contraindications, it is safe to use a concentration of up to but not exceeding 10%. In general, always use a much lower concentration (1-2%) for frail or elderly people, for young children and also in cases of sensitive skin. Use a high-quality unrefined vegetable carrier oil with good skin-penetrating abilities such as Sweet Almond, Sunflower, Apricot Kernel or Grapeseed.

For optimum results, always mix your Massage oils fresh, right at the time of treatment. Make the mixture specially for the occasion, using a small cup or bowl and mixing only the amount needed at the time. Be aware that Essential Oils lose much of their potency within weeks after being mixed with vegetable oils, rendering premixed, bottled Massage oils much less effective in treatment, and subject to rancidity within a few months.

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Inhalation can be used very effectively to treat both physical and mental conditions. Respiratory conditions such as cough, sore throat, congestion, colds and flu can be beneficially treated in this manner (Avraham Aromatherapy Healing Blend #6).

One’s state of mind can also be greatly influenced. Anxiety can be treated with sedative Oils (Blend #2), depression with stimulating Oils (Blend #9), and headache conditions can also be greatly eased (Blend #5).

There are 3 basic approaches to Inhalation therapy.  A concentrated “hot water method” using steam for sinus, lungs and throat is employed by adding boiled water to a large bowl. The Oil or Blend is added after 30 seconds and the head can be covered with a towel to help direct the vapors.

baruch This is an inhaler.The Oil or Blend
is placed in the upper bowl and a candle is lit underneath, heating the oil and diffusing its aroma throughout the room.

baruch A second method uses a spray or a special device such as an Aromatic Diffusor, Lantern or standard Vaporizer to create a full-room diffusion.
And finally, the Essential Oils can be dropped directly onto a tissue. A few drops can also be placed on the pillow before sleep to aid insomnia, sinus or lung conditions.

Steam room and sauna Inhalations can be very enjoyable and effective treatments. Use 6-10 drops total of Essential Oil(s) added to the water that will be thrown directly onto the rocks of a sauna, or the same amount in the steam room, placed at the steam outlet.

A personal Perfume, when properly chosen, is a very effective and enjoyable Inhalation treatment. It can be easily carried along and is a ready-for-use cosmetic and treatment rolled into one. Choose the proper Oils for your health care, and when the moment calls, apply them to provide just the right rebalance needed.